Story Station

Story Station is a mobile audio story lab that travels all around the county.  We capture stories -- some short snippets and other longer oral histories at public events.  Over the last few months we've gathered more than 40 stories!  We'll have short snippets of each story we've gathered online soon.

Elaine Corn chooses some to air on Capital Public Radio. The others are housed in a few other places for your listening pleasure:

The Sacramento Room of the Sacramento Public Library
The Center for Sacramento History
Sacramento County Historical Society or partnering historical society.

Our new producer, Isaac Gonzalez, is working on a new website for us that will feature a monthly podcast of food stories. We've taped four of them so far.  The site will be launched around April 1.

Tom Tolley, author of local histories talks about his experiences as a bartender at the Coral Reef.  Neighborhood sleuth and storyteller Kelly Woodward and Library Director Rivkah Sass have a conversation about Sacramento's grade B dairies.  And, Maryellen Burns, Lawrence Fox and Keith Burns share stories about Sacramento's Lost Restaurants.

By June first we'll be able to capture stories from the Sacramento Public Library's new green screen television studio.  Those stories will be broadcast on Sacramento Access Cable.

We're also working on an interactive map so that you'll be able to put your curser on a hot spot on the map and hear a story from that region. It will be unveiled at our Grow, Cook, Taste, Savor event Saturday, June 1 at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria at 828 I Street. (Look at our events for more information). As we find volunteer story editors (feel free to contact us!) we'll start providing longer stories for you to listen to and print stories, too!

Until then, here are links to stories Elaine Corn has produced for Capital Public Radio. If the link isn't "hot" just post the link in your browser and it will go directly to the site.  

5 days ago ... Field is Fertile in Delta for Black Farmer. By Elaine Corn · Share | |. Ron Kelley runs a successful farm in The Delta. ...

Jan 26, 2012 ... At the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in its last day at the Sacramento Convention Center, Elaine Corn discovered a variety of new ...

Dec 17, 2012... 91.7 KXSR Groveland/Sonora; 88.7 KXJS Sutter/Yuba City. Exhibit Offers Historical Highlights of Golden State Gastronomy. By Elaine Corn ... gastronomy

Nov 29, 2012 ... As part of our series "We Are Where We Eat," food reporter Elaine Corn takes us to an organic farm west of Galt. The owners allow international ... farming

Nov 1, 2012... KXPR Sacramento; 91.7 KXSR Groveland/Sonora; 88.7 KXJS Sutter/Yuba City. Sacramento: America's Farm-To-Fork Capital. By Elaine Corn ...'s-farm-to-fork-capital

6 days ago ... Caviar Producer Wants To Be Part of Local "Farm To Fork" Talk. By Elaine Corn· Share | |. credit: Nathan Wind as Cochese via Flickr Attribution ... -talk

It's a tall order, with cultural, bureaucratic and historical hurdles. Hosted by Beth Ruyak. Reported by Steve Milne, Marianne Russ and Elaine Corn.

Oct 2, 2012 ... We Are Where We Eat: Reviving Rio Linda's Poultry Culture. By Elaine Corn · Share | |. In our occasional series called “We Are Where We Eat,” ...'s-poultry- culture

Sep 28, 2012 ... Food Literacy: It's More Than Just Cooking at New Sacramento Center. ByElaine Corn · Share | |. A center on food literacy has its official launch ...’s-more-than-just-cooking-at-new- sacramento-center

Nov 20, 2012... of the dishes served more than 300 years ago, we'll take a culinary trip in time to the original Thanksgiving table with food writer Elaine Corn.

Oct 9, 2012... 88.9 KXPR Sacramento; 91.7 KXSR Groveland/Sonora; 88.7 KXJS Sutter/Yuba City. Sac High Starts an "Edible Schoolyard". By Elaine Corn ...

Jun 7, 2012... KXPR Sacramento; 91.7 KXSR Groveland/Sonora; 88.7 KXJS Sutter/Yuba City. We Are Where We Eat: Giusti's on the Delta. By Elaine Corn...'s-on-the-delta

Elaine Corn takes us on a tour of the busy Central Kitchen to see where the district prepares more than 8 million meals a year. And she met with students in the ...

Jan 2, 2013 ... Elaine Corn has five thoughts to share on eating better this year. ... Capital Public Radio's food reporter Elaine Corn has another take on how to ...

If you have any insight you'd like to share or know someone -- a local artisan, tastemaker, tasteproducer, or taster, whose story should be told, or images, artifacts or recipes to share with us, email them to us at

Cooking it up at Guisti's, the oldest continually operating restaurant in Sacramento County. 

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